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$60 per hour, plus 1 week of free practise sessions

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Timetable for Wellington Pole Dance Classes and Conditioning Sessions


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Class descriptions

Pole Classes

Never tried a pole dance class before? The New Student 3x Class Pass is designed to give you a taste of our classes. Choose any three classes on our timetable to come to. Beginners Pole Dance classes are suitable for women of all fitness levels who are new to pole dance and are recommended for your first classes.

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Beginners Pole Dance

Beginner Pole classes are suitable for women of all fitness levels. We teach you basic spins, holds and transitions. You will gradually develop strength as we work towards inverts (upside-down moves) and climbing styles. In classes at this level, students quickly begin to see the health benefits of increasing strength, tone and flexibility, as they develop confidence and familiarity with pole.

Intermediate Pole Dance

For students who have developed a level of confidence in the pole basics and are competent at inverting, classes at intermediate level continue to add to students trick inventories, focusing on ability to execute sequences of tricks and spins in combos. A defining characteristic of classes at this level is regular work on a greater range of inverts, to help students further develop the core and upper body tone fundamental to achieving higher level pole skills.

Advanced Pole Dance

The Advanced Pole class is for students who have developed strength and skill in carrying out inverts taught at intermediate level, and are ready to tackle longer sequences of physically demanding aerial pole work. Not for the faint-hearted, the advanced class incorporates aerial strengthening exercises, as well as freestyle dancing to maintain and enhance strength and stamina. This is where Wellington's most elite level pole dancers come to learn.

Pole Strong

Need to work on those strength moves - straddles, inverts, handsprings, jamillas, ayeshas? Do this class! Students will be warmed up and then taken through exercises to help develop strength where it's needed. Core, arms, shoulders and legs are a focus, to help students work towards tricks that can be elusive when strength is lacking. Following a thorough conditioning session, class will focus on technique and engagement in a selection of strength-based pole moves. This class is suitable and recommended for students of Inter 1 level and above.

Spin Pole

Spin pole classes teach you the beautiful, flowy techniques and tricks involved in spinning pole. Beginner Spin classes are aimed at students with a knowledge of basic static pole (ie, beginner spins and climbing). Intermediate Spin Pole involves the use of confident inverts.

Pole Grooves

Pole Grooves classes are a great way to fit in your daily exercise. Open to students of all levels, these classes consist of a warm-up, followed by the teaching of simple tricks and dance movements that are then incorporated into a mini-routine. Dance routines change weekly. One of our Wellington studio's most popular classes! We also run an Advanced Pole Grooves class for students comfortable with inverts.

Fluid Floorwork

An hour session of floorwork, movement flow technique and combos. Heels, kneepads and legwarmers recommended! Suitable for all levels.

Choreography Kickstarter

Here's where we focus on dance! Creativity and artistic expression are the order of the day in our choreography classes, open to pole students of all skill levels. These classes focus on basic movements that enable students to link together pole skills in creative and fluid ways. Classes are designed to stimulate ideas, and involve students         creating their own combination of movements to share with others. Freestyling is also a regular component of these classes and helps build student confidence and experience in expressive movement to music. This class is run as a workshop.

Friday Freestyle

Friday Freestyle classes are open to pole students of all skill levels. With an emphasis on experimentation and fun both on and off the pole, these classes focus on developing students' ability to dance freely without relying upon learned choreography. Freestyle classes help to build student confidence and experience in carrying out impromptu expressive movement to music.

Conditioning Classes

We offer a full range of flexibility and strengthening classes. All of our flexibility classes contain elements of strength and conditioning to help your body achieve goals in pole. People from other sports disciplines are welcome to attend conditioning classes. They are perfect for dancers, martial artists, team sports players and anyone looking to increase their range of movement.

PoleFit - Awesome Abs

PoleFit - Awesome Abs consists of a vigorous warm up, followed by pole and floor based strengthening exercises. Abs are the focus with a diffent set of ab exercises each week to get that core sorted! Class ends with a relaxing stretch to bring the body to well-earned rest. Suitable for all levels.

Let's Get Flexy

Let's Get Flexy consist of a warm-up followed by systematic stretching of all major body parts. Whether you are doing it to get more lithe and bendy on the pole, or to relax and recover, this class is highly recommended for all pole students.  Leg strengthening and conditioning followed by intense leg splits stretches is a feature of this class. Bring your leg warmers!

Active Stretch

Strength and flexibilty go hand-in-hand. Pole dancing is such a great activity because it gives you strength AND flexibility. This class focuses on active stetches that engage, release and elongate your muscles. Suitable for all levels, this class will train your body up for those challenging pole moves you might want to try!

Rest and Repair Stretch

Suitable for students of all levels Rest and Repair Stretch focuses on a relaxing session where your body can recover from all the hard work you have been doing in pole classes. We focus on back bends, partner stretching and pushing your body to it's limits in a safe and positive environment. 

Extra Sessions

Open Practise Pole

These sessions are designed for current students of Body Electric to practise on the pole, rehearse choreography, stretch etc. An instructor will be on the premises.


We will run specialised workshops for time-to-time to add variety and interest to our pole class timetable. This will include visits from out-of-town pole teachers to Wellington as well as occasional classes in different forms of dance.

Private Pole Dance Classes

Our instructors are available for private sessions. These are useful for pole students who want extra help with specific moves, or want help choreographing routines. We also offer private sessions for dancers visiting Wellington.

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